Bixby : A New Way to Interact with Your Phone

Technology is supposed to make life easier, says CTO of Samsung Mobile, Injong Rhee.

But as smartphones, PCs, home appliances and IoT devices become more diverse, their interfaces have become too complicated for users to easily access all their functions.

User interface designers have to make tradeoff decisions to cram many functions into a small screen. And since Samsung makes millions of devices, this problem impacts the core of our business.

But we have a new philosophy to this problem: instead of humans learning how the machine interacts with the world, it is the machine that needs to learn and adapt to us.

Bixby is a new intelligent interface on our devices. Fundamentally different from other voice agents or assistants in the market, Bixby offers a deeper experience thanks to proficiency in three properties:

1. Completeness

When an application becomes Bixby-enabled, Bixby will be able to support almost every task the application is capable of performing.

2. Context Awareness

When using a Bixby-enabled application, users will be able to call upon Bixby at any time, and it will understand the current context and allow users to carry out the current work-in-progress continuously.

3. Cognitive Tolerance

Bixby will be smart enough to understand commands with incomplete information and execute the commanded task to the best of its knowledge.